You can get your post calculations with the following URL:


URL Parameters

countrystringyesCHCountry of post destination
printintyes0 - black&white
1 - color
Print option for black/color
speedintyes1 - priority
2 - economy
Speed option for normal/express
planintyes1 - private
2 - professional
3 - business
4 - integrator
Your current plan id
documentsintno1Number of documents to send
currencystringyesCurrency of calculation
pages_normalintno0Number of normal pages
pages_esrintno0Number of ESR pages

Example: Making a request for calculation of post send to Switzerland, two color documents with 3 normal pages each, with economy sending for professional plan and payment in swiss franks:



errorbooleanIs true if an error occured
errorcodeintCode of the error. Only returned if error is true.
errormessagestringInformational message about the error. Only returned if error is true.
totalfloatTotal cost calculation
currencystringCurrency of cost

Example response: