Field guide

The following fields are available in a document object.

idint3The ID of the document
filenamestringmydocument.pdfFilename of the PDF
datedatetime2012-08-14 14:00:00Date of creation
user_idint35User ID of creator
addressstringTechnoparkstrasse 1\n8005 Zürich\nSwitzerlandRecognized address in defined area
countrystringCHRecognized country in ISO-Format (2 digits)
sizeint196897Size of document in bytes
pagesint4Amount of pages
pagetypecollectionCollection of Pagetype Objects
rightaddressint0If position of address is right, then equals 1
statusint1Current status of document
sentint1Defining if this document has already been sent
fileremovedint0Defining if the original PDF has been removed from storage.
requirement_failureint0States the failure of sending requirements


        "date":"2012-08-12 18:50:38",
        "user_id": 35,
        "address": "Technoparkstrasse 1\n8005 Zürich\nSwitzerland",
        "country": "CH",
        "size": 196897,


StatusMeaning of status
1Normal / OK