Field guide

The following fields are available in a letter object.

idint3The ID of the document
titlestringMy letter titleTitle of letter
datedate2012-08-10Date of letter
placestringZürichThe letter place of creation
contentstringDear Mr. SmithFull content of the letter
recipientstringJohn DoeRecipient name
companystringFirma GmbHCompany of recipient
addressstringStreet Number Code CityFull address of letter
countrystringDECountry for letter ISO, 2-digit
signature_idint4The id of the signature used
layout_idint5Layout used in this letter
user_idint5The id of the user that created the letter
pagesint2Number of pages in letter
statusint100Status describing the letter
sentint1Defining if this document has already been sent


        "title":"Request for transfer papers",
        "content":"Dear Rian...",
        "recipient":"Rian Smith",
        "company":"ACME GmbH",
        "address":"Subsidiarystreet 2\n3000 Bern\nSwitzerland",


StatusMeaning of status
1Normal / OK