Apps & Integrations

Send letters from within your daily workflows

Pingen is already integrated into many popular software solutions or available as an add-on. Use Pingen to send letters directly from the software you’re using!

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Apps & integrations
Built to connect

Send letters directly from your applications

Integrations and add-ons make it easy to incorporate letter-mailing via Pingen into your workflows.

Flexible document transmission

Ready-to-use Integrations

Thanks to Pingen’s integrations, letters can be sent automatically from software such as Word, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

Pingen add-on

External Apps

Many software solutions offer Pingen as an add-on. The add-on enables you to send letters directly from these tools.

Pingen API

Develop your own Apps

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Create your own app or integration directly with the powerful Pingen API.

Transfer Channels

Flexible Online Letter Mailing Service

Pingen offers a wide range of possibilities for sending letters digitally. Documents can be transferred and posted via the following channels:

External Apps

Use Pingen within external software solutions

With the help of add-ons, Pingen enhances many popular software solutions with postal mailing capabilities. You can send letters directly from the following software solutions:

Currently, the selected integrations are only available for Pingen Classic. If you need to send letters via one of these external software solutions, please sign up for Pingen Classic.

Send letters using your favorite software

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