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Pingen | Send Letters Online for Private, Business and Software Developers

Field guide

The following fields are available in a track object.

tracking_idstring50505783.130416.000022911Id of tracking system
productstringA-PostSending product
statusstringNoneStatus of sending
eventscollectionCollection of Events


                    "processor":"Schweizerische Post AG",
                    "date":"2013-04-16 20:59:13",
                    "type": 1,
                    "description":"Sendung sortiert",
                    "city":"Zürich Briefzentrum",
                    "processor":"Schweizerische Post AG",
                    "date":"2013-04-17 02:10:15",
                    "type": 1,
                    "description":"Sendung sortiert",
                    "city":"Ostermundigen Logistikzentrum (LZB)",
                    "processor":"Pingen GmbH",
                    "date":"2013-04-16 17:00:01",
                    "type": 1,
                    "description":"Übergabe an die Post",


processorstringPingen GmbHThe processing company of this event
datedatetime2013-04-16 20:59:13Date time string
typeint1Event Type as integer
descriptionstringSendung sortiertDescription of event
zipstring8010ZIP where event took place
citystringZürich BriefzentrumCity where event took place
countrystringCHCountry where event took place
imagestringbase64 encoded jpg

Event types

1The document passed a certain processing step
2The document was delivered (only registered letters)