Pingen API Documentation


You can access our API with the following Base-URL:


Every possible API-call is built up with an endpoint and action. For example getting a list of documents targets the endpoint documents and the action is list.



Every request has to contain a parameter token in the request URL.


This token can be retreived when you're logged into your account under Settings->Users->(button)My API Token and can be regenerated at any time. When you regenerate your token, the current one is disabled.

URL Parameters

Nearly every requests can contain URL parameters that for example sorts lists or defines what objects you are manipulating.
These are passed in a key/value pair and do not require a specific order.


Body Parameters

When performing a POST-Request, it will be sometimes necessary to provide body parameters in form of a JSON-Object passed in the POST-Variable data.

Example: Passing the Body Parameters send and sendspeed both set to 1 would look the following: